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What We Do

The Jude Kraft Foundation’s purpose is to provide support and resources to families who lose a child unexpectedly. 

Forming Connections

Providing Support

The Jude Kraft Foundation is made up of volunteers who have experienced the loss of a young child suddenly and unexpectedly. It is our mission to make sure that nobody has to go through the worst day of their life alone. We are there to provided immediate support and resources to grieving families and continue to aid them as time progresses.

Education Opportunities

There is no checklist for grief

Our organization provides education on grief to those that surround the grieving family. It is our hope that we can provide them with and understanding and tools that will allow them to support their loved ones.

Fundraising Opportunities

Preparing for the unexpected

You are never ready for the worst day of your life. The Jude Kraft Foundation raises money through multiple fundraisers in order to provide resources to grieving families when they need them the most. We also use this money to train volunteers and host events that are an integral part to helping parents cope with the sudden and unexpected loss of a child.

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

A.A. Milne

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7622 Lealand Way, Columbus OH 43235




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